Coastal and Energy Efficiency
Coastal has expanded it’s business services platform to address the opportunities created by the advancement in energy efficiency technology that provide the ability to significantly reduce facility energy and operating costs. We are expanding our capabilities to include providing Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) services and products to assist Federal, State and Local governments in reducing their facility operating costs while meeting their energy efficiency mandates.  We have  added applied energy efficiency expertise to our core competency and  are capable of augmenting our team with a wide variety of subject matter experts as needed for specific projects. This alliance of experts allows the Coastal Group to access the best expertise available for a project and to establish a national footprint.  Those Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) are to include but not limited to:  LED lighting and controls installation, facility lighting audits and retrofit LED lighting design solutions, renewable power solutions:  solar & wind turbine, waste to energy HVAC controls and energy efficient replacement components, building envelope - energy efficient upgrade solution, etc.

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